Up-to-date technologies enable new facilities for glass utilisation. On the employment of modern processing technologies such a clear and fragile substance as glass will become a strong building material, which may be used for the most incredible architectural solutions.



  Frameless glass partitions - transparent and light division of space that enables elimination of the borders between the interior and environment. Clear, ground and tinted toughened glass of 10 mm is used for such partitions. It is easy to solve various functional tasks with the help of FLOAT glass, fastening fittings and accessories (made in DORMA, MAB, UNISAF and other firms).
Banister constructions and balcony barrier railing - glass in composition with metal became an integral element of the interior.
  Shower cabins and sports hall partitions - clear and tinted. We have designed and made a toughened glass partition (thickness 12 mm) with non-standard fittings in the squash grounds of the tennis-court at Pasiles St., the city of Kaunas.

  Glass sun shades - clear and tinted. Various architectural design solutions can be made due to elegant spot fastening fittings made of stainless steel..

Glass monuments, furniture, showcases, furniture elements, etc.
- it is a new and unaccustomed field of glass utilisation

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