Transparent solidifying resins filling the space between two or more glass sheets are used for lamination. Such structures of laminated glass can be sandwich-type while their thickness can range up to 70 mm subject to the customers' requirements.

Laminated glass could be applied for:

Architectural solutions for both exterior and interior finish - sunshades, balconies and partitions.

Interior design - stair partitions, steps, bar counters, tables, tabletops, bent-glass partitions, floor, podium constructions, etc.

Security increase for buildings or spaces against break-in, acts of vandalism or armed robberies. Due to choice of appropriate laminated glass structures you can have a clear bulletproof glass partition securing against pistol or even KALASHNIKOV machine-gun shots. Such glass structures are used for security of banks, valuable museum pieces or any other valuables as well as for security of employees.

Increase of sound insulation between parted spaces since the resistance of laminated glass to sound is much higher that that of solid glass of the same thickness.

Works of art made of structural glass. Furniture and interior design solutions. Various combinations of colours and designs can be created when laminating glass sheets as well as combinations of ornamental, tinted and other sorts of glass with metal, wood and other materials.

Laminated glass opens the infinity for artists to translate their ideas into actions.


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