Joint - stock company DEMEDA Ltd. was founded in 1991. The name of the company was composed from the combination of the first letters of the words standing for the initial business of the company (decorative metallic coatings).
  Since the foundation the company has been dealing with glass processing. In the beginning our business was production of mirrors of FLOAT glass, grinding, drilling and glass coating with metallic layers (smoked glass).
  With the years our company was growing stronger, it engaged many skilled employees, acquired up-to-date equipment and mastered modern technologies. At present we are able to cater for any tastes.
  We offer many sorts of glass and mirrors of different thickness, shades and ornaments. Modern processing technologies capacitate production of the most sophisticated articles.

Our company is ready to help you to solve any problems related to glass and mirrors.

Entrust us with your ideas and let's work together to translate them into actions.

You are welcome!


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