We cut glass and mirrors of various thicknesses, including laminated glass. We process the edges of glass and mirrors with the help of the equipment of such Western companies as BAVELONI, ProgetiLEAD, COVESA, ADA, etc.:
Trapezium grinding and polishing, both plain and figure (FT);
 Semicircular grinding and polishing, both plain and figure (PE);
 Figure polishing (OG);
Bevelling, both plain and figure, (bevel is cut from 3 to 7 degrees angle, it is from 5 to 40 mm wide);
Bevelling on plain glass with the angle of 45 degrees;
Hole drilling of different diameters (the smallest diameter is 2 mm);

 Hole milling and cutting, etc.
  Up-to-date equipment and excellent technologies enable us to perform the following operations:
to produce smoked glass for furniture, interior and other purposes;
to produce mirrors form thick glass of 8-15 mm (maximum size available 1900 x 1200 mm);
to ground glass of different thickness by sand blasting (maximum size available 3210 x 2250 mm);
to decorate glass with various patterns and ornaments;
to paint glass in pastel shades;
 to glue together glass and metal with UV glue;
to glue together glass sheets with UV glue.

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